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OPTIMUS Structural Design LLC is a structural engineering consulting firm located in Miami, Florida. Optimus Structural Design LLC was established in 2004 and has been growing rapidly ever since. All memebrs of OPTIMUS Team share one main goal – to provide unsurpassed structural design for buildings of all levels. The quality of structural design is assured by the principals of OPTIMUS, who are directly involved in the design of each project.  

The Optimus projects listed on this site are just a part of the many structural designs we have completed since Optimus was created. This site provides you with a brief project description for your information. There are many more which are not displayed here and are available upon request together with references.                                                                                         

Our projects vary in size and complexity, from high-end custom built residences to multi-story buildings. We also provide services of peer reviewing and value engineering for our clients, and have successfully completed several projects of this nature which resulted in significant savings of construction costs. Optimus also provides our clients with Special Inspection and Threshold Inspection services for our projects, and also for projects where other engineering firms completed the structural design. Additionally, Optimus Structural Design LLC carries Professional Errors and Omission and Liability Insurance; insurance submitted upon request.

Who is OPTIMUS? We are licensed to provide Structural Engineering services in the state of Florida, also licensed to provide special inspection services in the State of Florida.

Our entire staff consists of experienced, qualified, dedicated, hard working people who take pride in their work. Mrs. Tanya Homleid P.E. created OPTIMUS to bring her dream to life – to produce high-quality, unique structural design in Florida and other parts of the USA, as well as other countries. She and the Optimus Team worked on some of the tallest and most complicated buildings in the area, where they employed the latest methods, systems and materials to solve the unusual problems involved in the design and construction of these buildings. They worked side by side with wind tunnel testing firms to assure the most accurate and economic design of high-rise buildings.

Our experience in structural design includes buildings of all levels of complexity and materials, from low rise to high-rise.  

Before OPTIMUS was formed, we worked in well-known engineering firms as principal engineers, project site inspectors of major projects in the South Florida area, as well as in other areas of the United States and other countries. We worked on computer modeling of high-rise and all other types of buildings, performed design of the entire structure from foundation to roof, and were involved in every other part of structural design including site inspections and construction supervision.  Besides supervision skills as principal project managers, we gained extensive structural design experience and developed unique design skills by working with the most sophisticated design software such as ETABS, SAFE, STAAD, FLOOR, etc.

In our projects we provide our clients with "Optimus quality structural design", using the latest structural design software in combination with our extended experience and common engineering sense.

Today, structural engineers depend greatly on sophisticated computer programs. However, each engineer is still required to use his common sense and experience to properly design structures and interpret computer output. We use the latest engineering techniques combined with our extensive experience and state of the art computer software to develop the best structural design for each building, whether it is a complicated high-rise or a standard low-rise project.

We take pride in our work and use all our resources to assure that our work is done correctly, that the structural design is economic, and that our clients are 100% satisfied.

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